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Many parents will be visiting preschools as early as February either for the enrollment for the upcoming fall, and for some, it won't be until the following January at midyear, 2009. Either way, everyone needs guidelines when it comes to choosing a preschool. Don't just ask your friends and relatives - go out and check it out for yourself.

Take your preschooler with you but do so if he/she is not tired, hungry or sick. Take a quick tour and come back later for more questions.

There are parents out there who will enroll their preschoolers solely on location. They will also take the word of friends and relatives. Don't do it. Go to visit on your own. Unannounced visits are vital in seeing firsthand how the school staff will interact with visitors.

  1. Ask for a tour!

  2. How many classes are there?

  3. What credentials does the school have?

  4. How long has the present director been there?

  5. What is the background of the teacher that your child may get? How long has she taught? What degree(s) has the teacher earned?

  6. How old is the building? What type of cooling and heating do they offer?

  7. How big is the inside and outside play area?

  8. How many children are in one class?

  9. Is there an aide if the class goes over a certain number?

  10. What type of discipline guidelines do they have?

  11. Is the room safe and child friendly?

  12. Are the toys and books on a low shelf? How often are the toys washed?

  13. Are there field trips? Who drives for the field trips?

  14. If academics are important to you ask about how much writing and reading they will do.

  15. Write down other questions that might be important to your individual child and family.

  16. If you do not understand any answer -- ask the question again. Do not be shy. Talk to other parents and call references.

You want to look for a teacher who knows first aid, loves children and enjoys teaching 3 and 4 year olds. Please take the time to research each preschool in order to find the best fit for your child. A little work in the beginning could save some heartache in the end!

We look forward to answering your questions and hope the above information assists you in selecting the best preschool for your child!