Lancaster & Clarence New York Preschool Center

Jackson Pond Preschool

Preschool Program and Activities

Tentative Daily Preschool Schedule  (Morning)

9:00 am - Children arrive
9:00-9:20 am - Free Choice/Play
9:20-9:25- Clean up

9:25am- 10am - Circle time/ “morning meeting”
10- 10:20am- Arts and Crafts

10:20-10:25am- clean up/wash hands/get ready for snack
10:25-10:45am- Snack (provided daily)

10:45-11:05am- Physical activity (indoor, or outdoor, weather permitting)
11:05-11:30am- Reading/Writing
11:30-11:40am- Music

11:40-11:45am- Daily News
11:45am- Dismissal