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Jackson Pond Preschool Testimonials

We are SO happy to have found Jackson Pond Preschool! It was the first time we left our little guy in the care of anyone but family. From the moment we stepped into the open house, we knew this was the place for us, he was comfortable immediately! He has learned so much socially and academically in such a short time. The best part is that now JPP is our family and he’s had an amazing beginning for his academic career and a love for school!

~Renee B.~

Jackson Pond has exceeded our expectations in every regard for our daughter's first experience going to school. After our first visit to tour the school it was a very easy decision that it was the right place for us. Our daughter is so excited the mornings she gets to spend with Miss Kim and all of the warm and supportive teachers at JPP. We are provided with honest feedback on our child's progress and it's amazing to see the organic development through the school year. Miss Kim has a true passion for what she does and it's so evident from the minute the kids walk through the door. I highly recommend Jackson Pond to anyone looking for a positive, supportive and enriching environment to send their child(ren)!

~Courtney M.~

My kids absolutely love going to school at Jackson Pond!! Miss Kim and all of the teachers are incredible- they are warm, friendly, always smiling, and really care about the kids. They create a fun and positive environment for learning and playing. We highly recommend Jackson Pond!

~Katie T.~

We are so grateful for Jackson Pond! While searching for a preschool, our first priority was finding a place where our son wouldn’t be taught and treated as just a number but respected and taught as an individual. The number one thing we love about Jackson Pond is how acceptable, personable and inviting the teachers are, making sure each child is welcomed as they are. The feedback and communication is always open, honest, and constructive. They truly care about the growth and well-being of each child and help them learn in a fun and caring environment. Jackson Pond is truly a one of a kind school and we can’t thank them enough for the positive influence they have had on our son at this precious young age.

~Cassandra and Michael N.~

Jackson Pond Preschool is by far the best preschool in Western New York! It is truly a hidden gem in our community! As a teacher and college professor, my standards of what an educational experience should be are extraordinarily high. Jackson Pond has far exceeded every expectation we have ever had for our daughter’s first experience with formal education and then some! Choosing Jackson Pond as the foundation to our daughter’s education was the best decision we could have ever made!

The facility is everything you could ever imagine or dream of in a preschool. It is set back away from the road, and surrounded by astonishing scenery with plenty of wide open space. The school is a must see! It’s clean and organized with separate rooms suitable for young children – kitchen with snack room, learning center room with hands-on manipulatives and sensory tables, large playroom, library, carpet and calendar center, bathroom built to young children’s height, etc. It’s simply breathtaking!

Educated, knowledgeable, inspirational, caring, compassionate, kind, loving, affectionate, creative, innovative, motivated, diligent, attentive, enthusiastic, charismatic, passionate, dedicated… these are all words that come to mind when describing Miss Kimberly Wachowski, Owner and Teacher of Jackson Pond Preschool. The list could go on and on. She exemplifies every quality that one could ever hope that a preschool teacher might have. Our daughter has built such a strong bond and connection with “Miss Kim” that it truly makes us feel as though she is part of our family.

Your search in finding the PERFECT preschool for your child can end here with Jackson Pond. There’s nothing that can even begin to compare! We simply can’t wait for our youngest daughter to attend Jackson Pond in the future too!

~Sara & Jonathan VanNortwick~

We knew the first day we set foot in Jackson Pond that this was the preschool for our daughter, and we were not disappointed. We had investigated other programs and found them to be too school-like at too young an age. Jackson Pond is more play-based. This has given our daughter tremendous confidence. She started out as a shy child with no friends, and quickly blossomed into a child who now arrives at any playground shouting out, “Hello, friends!” to the other children. In addition to social skills, the teachers prioritize the development of imagination and formal skill sets, such as the ABCs, numbers, colors, days of the week, months of the year, and writing. We are delighted with the experiences that our daughter has had while a student at Jackson Pond and know that she is well equipped for her next phase of schooling.
~Julie and Bruce G.

My daughter has a late birthday and started the program with Jackson Pond at the age of 2. It was her first experience being away from home, so we were a bit nervous dropping her off the first day of school. My daughter absolutely loved Miss. Kim and loved going school. She quickly adopted to the schedule and I noticed a significant improvement in my daughter’s speech and listening skills. Within the first week she was telling me the days of the week and what the weather was like outside. By the end of the year, my daughter was tracing her name by herself and starting to write letters free hand. I was amazed by the progress she has made. I really liked that the kids moved from one room to another for the different activities. Miss. Kim does so much extra with the kids like birthday parties, hay rides, and Santa Clause visit! My daughter loves going to school and often plays “school” at home pretending to be Miss Kim! We are very happy with our experience at Jackson Pond and would definitely recommend it!
~Christina P

I knew from the moment we walked in the doors of Jackson Pond Preschool that this was the place for my sons first preschool experience. Actually, I knew from the moment we pulled in the drive way. He has had a great experience with his first preschool teacher. Miss Kim was exactly what we were looking for and I am so very grateful. I have been to several other places and none of them have come close to what I wanted and I mean NONE. I guess one might say we are a little picky. Thank ALL of you at Jackson Pond for taking care of my son he has felt so loved and has learned so much.
~Lorrie B

Our experience at Jackson Pond Preschool has been awesome. Miss Kim makes learning fun and exciting for the kids. Our son just completed his first year and could not wait to go to school every time. He has learned so much and is looking forward to attending next year. Our daughter just completed her second year and is going to kindergarten next year. She is so well prepared because of what she learned at Jackson Pond. Miss Kim is so patient with the kids. We could not have asked for a better teacher and facility.
~John and Laura Meyer

Jackson Pond has been a wonderful experience for our daughter! Kim is an amazing teacher and mentor. It is a very caring and loving environment from the minute you walk in the door! There are not enough words to describe how happy we have been with our daughters first year of preschool.
~Eileen W

While choosing a preschool, Jackson Pond was love at first sight for us and our girls! The atmosphere is so bright and positive. We toured another preschool and when I asked my husband his opinion, he said "the only question is....when do we enroll them at Jackson Pond?" We have been thrilled with our decision. I remember reading a review of another preschool expressing regret that parents did not get personal feedback on how their children were doing. The personal attention my children get at Jackson Pond is un-beatable! Feedback from the staff is continual. The crafts are unique and high quality. There is a good balance of play and instruction. The learning environment is non-threatening and encouraging. Miss Kim is just amazing with kids and it is obvious that she loves what she does! My children have learned so much and they love going to school. I think my 3-year-old even dreams about Jackson Pond because one night she woke up demanding "I want to go to preschool!!" We HIGHLY recommend Jackson Pond to everyone!

Mariah G

We've been delighted with Jackson Pond Preschool. 

It has been an ideal first school experience for our daughter.   
So many of the other preschool options seemed more like relabeled daycare centers.
We really liked that all of her classmates were other three and four year
olds in the same stage of development as opposed to some of the other
facilities that had kids up to 12 years old in the building! Jackson
Pond provided a focused and fun preschool experience.  Introduction of
a structured day, basic skill sets, and great socialization and playtime.

The facility is clean, safe, and Kim is terrific.  She's energetic,
bright and well qualified.  The kids get lots of personal attention,
they read a story every day, and my daughter talks about
"craft time" constantly.  My refrigerator has never looked better. 
All the crafts she brings home are very creative and fun. 
She LOVES school and I am confident she is now
well prepared to start kindergarten in the Fall.  She looks forward to
going to school in the morning and may be the first kid in history to
have been disappointed that her first snow day ever meant we couldn't go to school!

We highly recommend Jackson Pond Preschool and will definitely be
back when our son is old enough to attend. 


Dave C